February 11, 2012

nyfw - jason wu

 pic credits to - elle.com

I've been following NYFW like a hawk now that I have this wonderful app on my iPhone called FLIP. One of my favorite collections so far was by the phenomenal Jason Wu. The bold colors and cuts were so beautiful and the silhouettes were so glamorous yet tough.  I know these days liking fur is such a faux pas, but I love it personally. Yes, I completely understand all the negativity that comes from it and how "wrong" it could be but in fashion, it adds such an elegance and beauty. One of my favorite looks in this collection has to be the maroon coat trimmed with fur. The main reason I think I loved all the looks was because they were tough and hard but at the same time, very lustful and elegant.

Have you been following nyfw?


  1. I mean, welcome back with open arms and tears in my eyes, retro sheath dress

  2. ahhhhh, jason wu and prabal gurung can do no wrong in my eyes! i need to do a catch up this week on nyfw. i am hoping to go in september!!!!! any plans on going by chance???