February 5, 2012

boutique living


My darling friend Dani's apartment reminds me of a cute vintage boutique! She moved to this beautiful studio and I love what she did with the space. I love the little treasures she has, the postcards, the scarves, jewelry, and the body form & mannequin head she has! It feels like you're stepping into a pretty store!!

psst - see those feather earrings there? we'll be adding them to my shop hopefully for the spring! dani and our friend glenda will be jewelers making beautiful handmade accessories for my shop! i'm so excited to have them be a part of thesoaktree shop!


  1. oh wow i love that place, i would love to live there. The earrings look great!

  2. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee. There's so much to look at! & what pretty earrings!!! :)

  3. I wish I had studio like that. It's awesome!